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Baby Name Picker

Baby Name picker is a tool to help you pick a name for your baby!

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Baby Name Picker is exactly what it sounds like, a tool to help you pick a name for your baby. As a soon to be father who is currently struggling to pick a baby name, a tool like this is very useful!


  • Pick gender

  • View random baby names filtered by gender

  • View name popularity information (from the US Social Security Administration)

  • Favorite/dislike names to narrow down choices

  • Remove names from lists

  • View live feed of other users favorites

disclaimer: this my first time using angular/typescript/kinvey

***** The free Kinvey plan only supports 100 users. I hit the limit already and have cleared out the data. I will keep an eye on it, but let me know if you get a white screen and I'll clear it out again ! *****


  1. Select a gender
  2. Favorite or dislike names
  3. Manage favorite/dislike lists
  4. View live feed of other users favorites

Built With

  • Angular 6
  • Angular Material
  • Typescript
  • Scss
  • Kinvey for database, anonymous user management, and live events
  • Name data from US Social Security Administration
  • AWS S3 for static site hosting

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