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A tool for ranking lists by having users compare two entries at a time. It will give each entry a score based on what the user selects and rank the entries from best to worst. It would be great for your next chili cook-off!

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Rank It

We are here to help you create and rank a list of anything from favorite music to judging a chili competition.

What makes us better at it than everyone else, is we don't rely on inconsistent star rating systems, or point systems. We simply the process and force the evaluator to pick their favorite of two options in the list. Based on the comparisons we score each entry in the list which allows us to rank each entry.


We created four stories we wanted to accomplish this weekend and for the most part we finished them.

  • As a user I would like to create a list of things I want ranked
  • As a user I want to have an easy way for users to compare / rank items in a list
  • As a user I want an easy way to share the ranked list
  • As a user I want to see the most popular rankings

Tech Stack

  • Angular 6
  • Springboot


  • Amazon AWS
  • Cloudinary (For image hosting)


Demo app


  • Install IntelliJ/Eclipse
  • Also install the related Lombok integration for whatever IDE you're using for the Angular Development.
  • Install Angular CLI
  • Install Yarn
  • Import Project into IntelliJ/Eclipse
  • Run "yarn" from the root of the project to download all dependencies

Starting Servers

  • Run "yarn start" from the root of the project to start the angular server.
  • Run the RankItApplication in your chosen IDE to run the Backend.
  • Now you can help with the project! Yay!


At the launch screen you will have the option to create a ranking group and you will see a list of trending groups. From there you can create a new list or rank an existing list.

Creating a new ranking group

Click on create a new ranking group, fill out the form, and hit save. Your ranking group should show up in the list of trending groups. Note the shortened url for sharing and the scores. The score will change when users rank the group.

Ranking a group

Go to the trending group (note the current scores) you want to rank and click the pink Rank It button. You will then be given the group title, and two entries from the group. Click on the preferred option or click on can't decide and another set of comparisons will appear. Once you are tired of comparing, click the I'm all finished ranking. Go back to the group, and note the new ranking order and scores.

Built With

Angular 6, Spring boot, angular material, bootstrap grid, Amazon AWS, Cloudinary (for image hosting)

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