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A single page application all about pets and animal breeds. Search, discover, compare and find the pet that matches your lifestyle the most using our search engine! The platform also helps you with breeds recognition by image, pet adoption and pet information.

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Petsie is a single page web application with provides you the following: - Search for pets - Filter pets to match your lifestyle (Wizard included) - Compare pets with each other - Detailed information about each pet - Pick the most favorite pet for yourself - Upload an image of a pet and receive the name of the pet automatically - Search for pet adoption near your location (Coming Soon)


Everything is more or less straight forward. Made for only cats and dogs for now. Please make sure you at least do the followings: 0. Better experience on Desktop, but the app is mobile friendly anyway! 1. Go to the first section and filter pets by the parameters given 2. Click on the "Show More Filters" to get more filters 3. Select 2 or more pets to compare 4. When your have pets ready to be compared, click on the "Start Comparing" button on the top right of the screen 5. At least pick one pet to see more info 6. Go to the second section and upload a clear image of a DOG or CAT for image pet recognition

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