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Let a coach bot "Skilly" support your personal development.

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The original idea behind this app was to put together a list of exercises for training soft-skills. Similar lists already exist for physical exercises. Afterward, I decided to build a coach bot on top of it to make the app more engaging. The coach bot introduces the training and provides tips. Lastly, I added one feature inspired by avatar profile in RPG games that show character skills. Every time user finishes an exercise, he/she will get +1 on a corresponding skill and can track the progress.


Chat with a coach bot by selecting from pre-defined responses. The coach will ask you to do exercises and write down the details about that. You can track your progress on the profile page (click the account icon in the upper right corner to get there).

Built With

I created the app with Angular CLI version 6. Then I added "@angular/pwa" and "@angular/material" packages through CLI ng add. For working with IndexedDB storage, I used a package db and key-value store on top of it called idb-keyval. Lastly, I created a favicon and a logo with the help of a website, which uses Font-Awesome icons.

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