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Tipple Taste | Social Imbibing

Bourbon party anyone? Ditch the pen and paper and enter your tasting notes digitally, add reviews and choose a winner with friends!

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Tipple Taste is your digital tasting room. Whatever your interest, Tipple taste provides a place for you and your friends to get together, share a Tipple and swap your thoughts on your favorite beverages. Upload photos, learn how to taste like a pro, and record your thoughts for posterity.


Note, the free tier of heroku shuts down the instance after 30 minutes, so if loading is slow just be's worth it!

Quick Test

For a quick test, feel free to use the "JOIN a Tasting" option and enter the following details:

This will get you into a pre-built room with tipples already present and ready to go.

General Instructions

The app should work on almost any modern browser, but is designed and optimized for use on mobile devices. Considering testing/exploring the app on your mobile device or in a responsive emulator.

If you are testing solo, choose the "Host" option.

Invite your friends to join by sharing the code given in the setup screen, they can enter this in the join option to join your tasting room and enter their own tipples.

Once everyone in your room is ready, each person should click "Start Tasting". Go through one-by-one and fill out each tasting sheet. The app is optimized currently for use in-person. In our tasting group, we do a group recap at the end to share our thoughts. That is what the recap button is for.

IMPORTANT: When adding notes/rating to a tasting sheet, be sure to click the "DONE" button at the end to save your entries.

When everyone is done, click "Finish Tasting" to see the results and the rankings for that tasting room.

View the screencast:

Built With

  • ng-bootstrap (Layouts and Components)
  • ng-cli (application structure)
  • (Home screen background)
  • (Tasting sheet and hint inspiration)
  • Heroku (hosting)
  • jawsDB (MySQL)
  • node-mysql
  • Cloudinary (Image Hosting/Management)
  • Material Icons

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