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Bubble Beat

Bubble Beat is an interactive musical playground that lets you experience your creativity and discover the DJ within yourself.

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Release the DJ inside you!

Grab accords, put on your vinyls and start creating music!

Use BubleBeat to start your music career, this platform is a must-have playground for a musician: using trendy dubstep accords and a shiny interface will help you to find your path in the jungle of the sounds. Drop the tunes onto the vinyl and see what happens!

Check out the video below for more:


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Simply drag instruments and grooves from the left side pane, then drop them on the surface of the turntable. Adjust their volume by moving their respective bubbles on the surface. The closer it gets to the center, the louder it will be played back. You can remove any groove by dragging the bubble and dropping it outside of the surface.

Tip: Start off by dragging grooves to the outer edge of the surface, then move them slowly toward the center.

Thanks for trying out Bubble Beat! Any questions, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

View the screencast:

Built With

  • Angular 6 Framework
  • TypeScript
  • SONO Audio Lib
  • SVG format

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