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It is a website to offer and search for trips around the world. A person can be offered as a guide in a city. A person can look for a guide for a city. Once you have searched for the trip you can contact us through a chat. You can also see the trips and comments of each user


Tested in latest Google Chrome. Best viewed in 1920x1080 and the minimal resolution is 1200x800.

Demo account:
user: [email protected]
pass: testuser3

-Search your trip or create your trip.
-Create your trip. -Make a proposal to travel. -Chat contact whit the creators of the trip.

-Registration (it is optional, but you can not offer trips, nor sign up for trips)
-Login (it's optional, but you can not offer trips, nor sign up for trips)
-Contact the guide of your trip through the chat or wait for someone to join your trip.

Built With

1) Angular v5.2.0
2) Angular CLI v1.7.4
3) PrimeNG v5.3.0
4) Firebase v4.10.1 (AngularFirestore)
5) Angularfire2 v5
6) Google Maps AGM Core v1.0.0-beta
7) Font Awesome v4.7.0
8) Moment v2.22.1
9) Angular Infinite Scroll v0.8.4
10) Open Sans v1.1.0

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Logo Travel Meet of (with Free Licence)

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