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Knowledge Knockout - Game to be MasterGeek

Knowledge Knockout - Play terminal command challenge game and be a MasterGeek

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Knowledge Knockout is a game to improve/test your terminal commands knowledge and you also can show your skills to the world. You have 3 minutes to achieve 15 score. If you break the challenge you will earn MasterGeek badge otherwise you will get MasterGeek level

Eventually you will be listed in global leaderboard and you can also tweet your MasterGeek level.

Try to be a MasterGeek and ask your friends to face the challenge

Happy Commanding!!


  • Step 01 : Go to game Link
  • Step 02 : Enter your name and press Start Game

    screen shot 2018-05-13 at 6 43 36 pm

  • Step 03 : You will get a blackboard and terminal on your screen, You will see a question on the blackboard.
  • Step 04 : You need to type the appropriate command on the below terminal. You will get 3 chances for each question. If you were unable to answer the question within this 3 times you will loose one point from overall score you earned. You need to achieve 15 points within 3 minutes to be a MasterGeek

Example: Let's say you got below question on blackboard
Q: "Run Your test.js with node"

screen shot 2018-05-13 at 9 11 10 pm

Now you have to type the answer on the terminal window and press enter. If you wish to skip question just enter skip on terminal (You have only 3 chances to skip questions)

screen shot 2018-05-13 at 9 11 42 pm

  • Step 05 : After 3 minutes you will get the leader board on your screen. You can earn a "Master Geek" medal if you score higher marks.

    screen shot 2018-05-13 at 7 48 54 pm

You can also tweet your MasterGeek level and invite your friends to take the challenge.

Special Commands

  • mof : music off
  • mon : music on
  • cls or clear : clears the screen
  • skip : skip a question
  • uparrow and downarrow : Command history

View the screencast:

Built With


  • Angular 6.0
  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome


  • NodeJs
  • Express


  • Firebase


  • Free sound effects

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