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Roll up the endless walls of randomness, and see what perils await you on your journey up!

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In this app, a retro art style combines with modern technologies and physics. This game is an endless arcade shooter which uses the power of Typescript to emulate a retro game experience, all with only one control!

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Use the left-click of your mouse or press the spacebar to change the direction of your character and shoot at the same time. Just rack up points by destroying your enemies and use the F-key to go to fullscreen, and use the Esc-key to exit fullscreen. You can also use the Enter key at in and out the leaderboard on the title page and the game-over page(not in-game or when you create your username). I suggest waiting at least 10 seconds on the title screen to prevent all jitters from the assets loading in-game. Also, if the game window is too large, just zoom out on your browser.

Built With

  • Firebase(By Google)
  • Angular v5.2.1
  • Typescript v.2.5.3
  • Angularfire2 v5.0.0-rc.7
  • Firebase v5.0.2
  • Node v9.9.0

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