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Experimentally express Japanese game with iPhone camera and tensorflow.js ** sorry this app only iOS/safari

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Just reenacted the wheel with a tensorflow.js's demonstration (emoji-scavenger-hunt) to Angulr be experimented. That's so nice to work. Classification model I could not make it without time, but I can easily access the result of deep learning so amazing!!

Shiritori (しりとり) is a Japanese word game in which the players are required to say a word which begins with the final one of the previous word. Example: keyboard → display → ??? "Shiritori" literally means "taking the end" or "taking the rear".

** pause camera buttons not work

Repository is also here


  1. Keep iPhone available
  2. open page to Login
  3. Activate your camera
  4. Game starts from items reflected on camera
  5. Look for words items made from the last word of the item found
  6. Photograph on the your camera
  7. Repeat below

View the screencast:

Built With

  • ngx-rocket/starter-kit
  • google/emoji-scavenger-hunt
  • tensorflow.js
  • google colaboratory
  • google font
  • visual studio code
  • typescript
  • keras
  • firebase
  • sentry
  • circle ci
  • github

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