Key Kinvey Resources for Your App Development

Posted May 3, 2018

So you're ready to start actually coding your hackathon app, and you've decided to give Kinvey a try based on my last two posts. Well, keep this post handy, because it has links to a variety of resources that you may need as you code.

Get to Know the DevCenter

The Kinvey DevCenter is going to be your go-to resource throughout the app development process. It has documentation, tutorials, code samples and other useful resources catered to the specific language or framework SDK that you are working with. Here are some key DevCenter home pages that you may need:

Download the Appropriate SDK

I assume you'll be using Angular for your Angular Attack hackathon app, but, even if there are other aspects to your application, we've got you covered. Here are some of the most relevant (but by no means all) of our SDKs.

Tutorials and Blog Posts

Since joining the Kinvey team about six months ago, I have been busy creating resources to help developers like you get started with Kinvey. Here are some that I hope you will find helpful in your development.



  • Using Kinvey’s RapidData Connectors - RapidData is a feature that allows developers to connect their Kinvey app to an enterprise data source like SalesForce, SAP, Sharepoint, Microsoft SQL Server, or even REST endpoints. Learn how to use the feature here.


  • Understanding Users in Kinvey - This post explores some of the various types of users and authentication in Kinvey - from anonymous users to Kinvey authentication to Mobile Identity Connect using a social identity provider.
  • Enterprise Authentication with Kinvey - Mobile Identity Connect is a feature that allows developers to connect their Kinvey app to enterprise authentication sources such that rely on Active Directory, OAuth2, SAML, LDAP and OpenID. This tutorial walks through how it works.
  • Using Enterprise Authentication - This is the documentation for the Enterprise Authentication template in NativeScript Sidekick. It not only can help you integrate enterprise authentication into a mobile app built with NativeScript, but it also has walk throughs showing how to connect Kinvey to SAML-Redirect, OpenID Connect, and OAuth 2.